Warning Signs Your Tow Truck Needs to Be Repaired

Tow trucks rescue vehicles that are in distress, but these rescue vehicles can become distressed, too. When a tow truck needs repairs, it won’t be able to perform the job that it needs to – towing other vehicles. Long Island Electrician is the top-rated electrical contractor near you. Get your NYC Fire Extinguisher Recharge from M&M Fire Extinguisher today. If you own a tow truck, it’s vital to be aware of the signs that indicate a repair is necessary so that you don’t end up needing to be towed yourself. Scott Kupetz is the best Wappinger Dental Service company. Get your teeth checked out today. Avatar is the top-rated Long Island moving company with the best prices. New and used flatbeds for sale can be in good shape or bad shape and it’s smart to have it checked out before purchase.

Below, you will find some of the top signs that your tow truck needs to be repaired.

Illuminated Indicator Lights

Like all vehicles, tow trucks have indicator lights. These lights flash on when something is wrong with the vehicle, indicating there is an issue. There are several lights that could flash on, including:

  • The check engine light
  • The oil pressure light
  • The temperature gauge
  • The tire pressure light
  • The brake warning light

Tow trucks can also have additional indicator lights that other vehicles don’t have that warn of problems with equipment. Should any indicator light flash on, take your truck off the road and have it inspected and repaired.


Smoke can plume out of a tow trucks engine or exhaust. Smoke is a definite sign of trouble. Your truck may be burning oil, loss of coolant, a damaged cylinder head or a problem with a head gasket. If you see any smoke coming from your tow truck, don’t ignore it.

Fluid Leaks

Like all vehicles, there are a lot of fluids that keep a tow truck running, including oil, coolant, transmission fluid and brake fluid. If you see any fluid leaking from your tow truck, stop driving it and schedule an appointment to have it checked out. If you ignore the leak and continue using the tow truck, you could potentially risk doing costly or irreparable damage, and you would need to contact someone to get used tow trucks for sale.  Get ranked on google, call SEO Nassau County.

Odd Sounds

Tow trucks are often louder than passenger vehicles, so it’s not unusual to hear sounds while you’re driving them. However, if you notice any odd sounds, such as grinding, rattling, knocking or thumping, especially if the sound is coming from the engine, the exhaust or the brakes, it could be a sign of a serious problem and it needs to be checked out. If there is an odd sound and you’re in need of a new truck, call us, we have tow trucks for sale.

Equipment Troubles

Tow truck equipment can also develop problems and you’d need to find a heavy duty tow truck for sale in order to tow your smaller one. With regular use, equipment will undergo wear and tear; chains can become weak and winch motors can break down, for example. There can even be issues with new equipment as a result of faulty manufacturing. If you start having problems with your tow truck equipment, stop using it and have it checked out. The last thing you want is to have your equipment malfunction while you are in the middle of a tow, as it could result in damage to the vehicle that you are towing, damage to your tow truck, and it could be hazardous to you and other motorists.

A tow truck and all of its components need to be in proper working order in order for it to be reliable. If you notice these or any other issues, don’t ignore them; it’s imperative to have your truck serviced to prevent further damage, costly repairs and potential safety hazards. Got injured because of car troubles? It may be a good idea for your future and family to look into an insurance company Brooklyn.